Our blended expertise in business and IT consulting helps transform data into AI strategies and tools.

Stephen Straus

Managing Director

  • Serial entrepreneur with multiple successful exits
  • Former General Partner, Austin Ventures
  • Graduate of Colgate University and Harvard Business School

Ian Clarke

Chief Scientist

  • Artificial intelligence expert
  • Founded five companies, including Freenet
  • Graduate of University of Edinburgh in artificial intelligence and CS

Ron Green

Chief Technology Officer

  • Artificial Intelligence expert
  • Serial tech entrepreneur with multiple successful exits
  • MSc from University of Sussex in Evolutionary and Adaptive Systems

Matt Cohen

Chief Innovation Officer

  • Expert in machine learning, big data, and NLP
  • Entrepreneur, startup mentor, and venture capitalist
  • Internet media and digital marketing pioneer
  • Graduate of Rice University’s Honors Program in Computer Science

Steve Meier

VP of Sales & Marketing

  • 14 years of technology sales, marketing, and consulting experience
  • Former head of creative strategy working with Fortune 500 brands (IBM, Cisco, AT&T)
  • Led the creation of the first suite of marketing tools powered by IBM Watson
  • Certificate from MIT Sloan in Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Businesses Strategy


Principal Machine Learning Engineer

  • Computer Vision expert
  • Developed algorithmic ad targeting at Apple, search ranking at Google, product search and matching at Impossible Ventures
  • Co-authored a paper in ICCV which won Marr Prize Honorable Mention
  • Graduate of UCLA with Ph.D. in Statistics

Dwayne Stoltz

Head of Operations and Client Services

  • 25+ years leading client work for AT&T, HP, Disney, Philips and more
  • Former frog design leader connecting design and technology talent
  • Deep expertise in operations, talent management and client service

Jerry Schirmer
Jerry Schirmer

Principal Machine Learning Engineer

  • Natural Language Processing expert
  • Designed ML solutions for government, cybersecurity, finance, and supply chain management
  • Graduate of University of Texas with Ph.D. in Theoretical General Relativity

Janel Chumley

Sr. Machine Learning Engineer

  • BS in Mathematical Sciences with a specialization in statistics, probability, and data analysis from the University of Texas at Austin
  • Worked on machine learning and data science-focused software teams at both Austin startups and Fortune 500 companies
  • Contributor to the popular Medium blog Towards Data Science

Max Marion

Machine Learning Engineer

  • Deep Learning Expert
  • One of three inaugural Computer Science graduates from Occidental College
  • Graduate of Occidental College in Math and Computer Science

Michael Wharton

Sr. Machine Learning Engineer

  • Computer vision expert
  • Developed and deployed multiple remote sensing data segmentation and classification algorithms on US government platforms
  • Former senior engineer at SpaceX
  • BS Aerospace Engineering from UT Austin with a certificate in Scientific Computing

Gavin Sellers

Sr. Machine Learning Engineer

  • BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas
  • Finishing a MS in Georgia Tech's OMSCS program focused on Machine Learning
  • Multiple data science certifications from Coursera
  • Former data science lead at SparkCognition, an AI startup in Austin

Jennifer Trou

Director of Marketing

  • More than 13 years experience including global communication agencies
  • Former account director working for Fortune 500 companies (FedEx, AMD, eBay and more) to startups
  • Social innovation startup mentor

Jack Bowen

Market Development Manager

  • BA in Economics from University of New Hampshire
  • Former Project Manager with EBQ
  • Lead Generation and Business Development expert

Ryman Stringer

Talent Engagement Lead

  • Technical Recruiter with experience finding top talent for Fortune 500 companies to startups
  • Expert at building data driven and people focused processes
  • BS in Computer Animation and a minor in Architecture History from Texas A&M University

Nancy Giordano

Post-Digital Futurist

  • Global keynote speaker + Future of Work expert
  • Founder: Play Big Inc, enterprise transformation strategist
  • Current Singularity University guest lecturer

Dustin Weghorst

Data Acquisition Lead

  • Data Strategy and Acquisition expert
  • Ran a consulting business that helped Fortune 500 companies identify and collect data from the open web
  • MSc from University of Denver in Business Information and Analytics

Douglas Ferguson

Innovation Partner

  • Innovation workshop facilitator
  • Founder and president of Voltage Control
  • CTO of a Google Ventures-backed digital marketplace
  • 19 Years Product Leadership
  • Graduate of Virginia Tech in math, biology and chemistry

Steve Rohleder


  • Former Group Chief Executive of North America at Accenture
  • 35 year veteran of Accenture
  • Advisory Board Member for Apogee, GTY Technology and Kony Mobility

Jim Forester


  • 27 years consulting and retail industry experience leading large scale complex deliveries and technology departments
  • Former VP of IT, Retail for T-Mobile

Jonathan Mugan


  • Natural language processing expert
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Carnegie Mellon
  • Ph.D. of Computer Science, University of Texas