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Numa Dhamani

Principal Machine Learning Engineer

Numa Dhamani is a Natural Language Processing expert with domain expertise in information warfare, security/privacy, and trust and safety. She has advised startups and nonprofits, served as the Principal Investigator on various DARPA programs, and contributed to multiple international peer-reviewed journals. She is passionate about human-centered and mission-driven work, building responsible and ethical AI, and advocating for diversity and inclusion in tech. She holds degrees in Physics and Chemistry from the University of Texas at Austin.

Numa is actually writing the book on Generative AI. Her and Maggie Engler wrote "Introduction to Generative AI" which discusses generative AI models at a high level, with an emphasis on large language models (LLMs). The book illustrates how LLMs could live up to their potential while building awareness of the limitations of these models. It also discusses the broader economic, legal, and ethical issues that surround them, as well as recommendations for responsible development and use, and paths forward. Check out the book here:

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