Artificial Intelligence

AI is “the fourth industrial revolution” —Klaus Schwab, Economist

AI Executive Education

The foundation of a good strategy is good intelligence. KUNGFU.AI provides education and use case exploration around artificial intelligence. Our half-day and full-day workshops expose strategy leaders to how AI is transforming business today, the importance of data acquisition, and gets teams started with strategy development exercises.

8 AM


  • Proper fuel for our action-packed day
8:30 AM

Welcome, Introductions, Warm-up

  • Round of introductions
  • Share pre-work
9 AM

Defining AI

  • How AI is transforming business today
  • Capabilities and limitations of AI technology
  • Commercially available AI APIs / Products
10 AM

15 Minute Break

10:15 AM

The Importance of Data

  • AI algorithms overview
  • Data requirements for learning models
11:45 AM

15 Minute Break

12 PM


  • Where AI is going
1:15 PM

Use Cases

  • Presentation of relevant use cases
2:15 PM

15 Minute Break

2:30 PM

AI Concept Development Activities

  • Individual idea development exercises

Practical AI Sprint

The KUNGFU.AI team designed our Practical AI Sprint process to help innovators and stakeholders quickly understand the art of the possible. And then reach it.

Practical AI Innovation is a two-week process for identifying, curating and prioritizing narrow use cases, ideas, and technologies. Following that, our team builds minimal a viable products, and tests hypotheses. Ours is a lean innovation approach that incorporates leading-edge design thinking and uses proven methodologies for entrepreneurial product development.

Practical AI Innovation takes your company from start to deployment in three stages: Discover, Strategize, and Prototype.


During the Discover phase, our team comes to understand your data, business objectives, and challenges and assess your company’s AI competencies.


With the foundation laid, we lead your team through a collaborative, four-day workshop. Our workshops flesh out AI strategies, building a technology roadmap.

We identify narrow use-cases that sit at the intersection between strategic business drivers, available technologies, and rapid implementation opportunities. We help establish your technology roadmap assessing build-versus-buy technologies and expertise planning.

Our battle-tested methodology, combines business strategy, innovation, behavior science and design thinking.


AI is not like typical software engineering. It’s hard and doesn’t always deliver the results you’re looking for. To address these risks, we take the approach of rapid prototyping to either get results or fail fast and re-architect. And we run prototype development in short sprints that allow us to make timely, collaborative decisions.

AI Application Development

Our team of senior engineering leaders have decades of real-world AI and software development experience. Our technical team builds deep learning neural nets, AI applications, and APIs. We make AI solutions for humans, from your employees to customers. We run development projects in sprints with key milestones to measure against, to keep careful track of budgets and deliverables.


Solution Development

Recommendation Systems

Computer Vision


Predictive Analytics

Application Development Phases



Est. 2 weeks

  • Proof of concept
  • Test environment
  • Simple UI/UX
  • Algorithm competency text


Est. 8 weeks

  • Client facing UI/UX
  • Public facing URL
  • Simplified AI features
  • Human-in-the-loop training
  • Iterative improvement


Est. Varies

  • Advanced, multiple algorithms
  • Semi-or fully automated
  • Unsupervised or deep learning
  • Field tested UI/UX


Now for the good stuff. Measurement, and fine-tuning of the application is essential to ensuring a successful AI program. How is this innovation tracking against established KPIs? Are we achieving our growth or cost reduction goals?  We track, learn and plow those learnings back into the project to enhance results.