Data Science

“The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data.” —Economist

Data Health Check

Data powers AI. No technology or AI algorithm can overcome data problems. Companies may be data rich, but if data hygiene is poor or the data is siloed, the value that data provides is significantly reduced.

Together, we develop your data acquisition strategy to ensure you create and collect the right data for optimal AI readiness. We also help identify third-party data sources to augment your internal data to deliver even richer results. The Data Health Check involves an assessment of the data, technology, and skills necessary to achieve your business goals and properly execute and train AI.

Health Check Phases

Data and Infrastructure Inventory

Survey data, compute, and storage relevant to opportunity. Understand how data is captured, moved, and stored. Assess datastores and needs.

Data Assessment

Assess data quality and risk. Understand relationships between data sets. Identify data sets that provide competitive advantage.

Data Opportunities

Identify 3rd party data acquisition opportunities and help acquire relevant data sets. Assess viability of data projects. Recommend AI product or operations enhancements existing and 3rd party data can provide.

Data Strategy

Provide a data strategy based on infrastructure and data analysis. ID top opportunities that provide competitive advantage. Recommend optimal infrastructure datasets, and operations to secure advantage.

Health Check Team

Data Engineer


Designs, constructs, installs, and tests the architectures where data is stored

Data Ops Specialist


Data movement expertise

Data Analyst


Data aggregation, structuring, and gap analysis

AI Data Scientist


Applies deep learning or advanced mathematics concepts to data analysis, creating models to analyze large amounts of data.

Fractional Data Science

We are data scientists for hire. There are over a half dozen classifications and over 400 designations of data scientists. Do you need a mathematician or a statistician? Data engineer or software engineer? Analyst or modeler? Many times, all you need is a specific skill set to execute a specific project. We offer data science as a service where we pair the right skill sets to specific projects. Our team helps with:

  • Data Hygiene
  • Data Assessment
  • Data Acquisition Strategy
  • Project Specific Expertise