AI is hard.

We Simplify it.

AI projects are most successful when they are a strategic initiative well-aligned to a problem worth solving and supported by data. We help steer organizations data capabilities by defining the challenge, success metric, and build a roadmap of capabilities prioritized by impact and feasibility. We will help you de-risk development and find your initial capabilities that require the smallest effort, unlock the most value, with the least amount of risk. We help you crawl, then walk, then run in a strategic vision.

Data Readiness Assessment

Data powers AI. No technology or AI algorithm can overcome a lack of data. Companies may be data rich, but if data hygiene is poor or the data is siloed, the value that data provides is significantly reduced.

We help identify third-party, contextual data sources to augment your existing data and reveal deeper insights. In collaboration, we develop your data acquisition strategy to ensure you create and collect the right data for optimal AI readiness. The Data Readiness Assessment involves an assessment of your data and technology necessary to execute business relevant applications for artificial intelligence.

Data Readiness Assessment Phases


Uncover data and technology dependencies in context with corporate strategy.

Data Census

Audit existing data sources and their suitability for use in machine learning applications.

Data Analysis

Review existing structured and unstructured data sources for utilization as input features in machine learning applications.

Readiness Report

Present an AI difficulty rating and data augmentation opportunities. Recommend top practical machine learning use cases that drive the most value in the shortest time frame.

AI Executive Education

The foundation of a good strategy is good intelligence. KUNGFU.AI provides education and use case exploration around artificial intelligence. Our half-day and full-day workshops expose strategy leaders to how AI is transforming business today, the importance of data acquisition, and gets teams started with strategy development exercises.

artificial intelligence education

Solve a big problem and begin building your AI solution in five days.


AI Labs

A sustainable strategy requires 80% of your time understanding the problem space. The remaining 20% is experimenting with models. Our AI Lab quickly builds your AI roadmap, de-risks development, and accelerates adoption. The AI Lab is a four-day process for identifying, curating and prioritizing the most practical and relevant use cases for artificial intelligence. Following that, our team builds minimal viable products and test hypotheses. Ours is a lean innovation approach that incorporates leading-edge design thinking and uses proven methodologies from entrepreneurial product development.

AI Labs takes your company from start to deployment in four stages:

Business goal alignment and define challenges. Connect corporate strategy to AI program strategy and define success. Interview business leaders.

Define data opportunities. Inventory available data and needs. Generate plan for data acquisition.

Generate AI use cases predicated on data identification and business objectives. Begin to filter and prioritize use cases.

Define AI Roadmap. Define prioritize use cases and project scope.

AI Lab Equipment

The AI Canvas

Corporate strategy and business objectives need to be deconstructed in order to see where artificial intelligence can and should be inserted. This allows us to quantify the benefit of the enhanced capability versus the overall costs. Once value is understood, we rank-order the opportunities for AI from highest to lowest value to create a roadmap. The AI Canvas provides real business value by providing a starting point and definition for implementation of AI applications.

“Quit wasting time on ideas that get stuck.”


How do you plan to grow the business? How will you measure the success of an AI program?

Data Wealth

Where is there wealth in your data?

Data Constraints

What are the gaps in your data?


What are the infrastructure requirements to achieve artificial intelligence?


What are the top practical use cases for AI prediction?


What are the top practical use cases for AI automation?


What are the personnel and cultural implications for adoption?


What are the outcomes for the organization?

AI Organizational Heatmap

AI strategy

We will create your full artificial intelligence roadmap that includes a future vision for multiple use cases across the organization, prioritized by feasibility, time, data dependencies, and value. Organizations are left with a clear view on which parts of the business are most ripe for AI, and where an impact can be made over time.