KUNGFU.AI works with clients across industries to help organizations advance their AI capabilities.

Our team has experience working across government, healthcare, retail, real estate, financial services, aerospace, and much more. We believe every industry will be shaped by AI and we’re here to help ensure your business is leading in the age of AI.



We partner with government agencies to advance their AI and data maturity, deliver comprehensive AI tools and knowledge that provide vision, design, engineering, and management of AI systems.

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We combine cutting-edge techniques with healthcare expertise to build AI that will unlock insights, address challenges, and advance the healthcare field.

Our HIPAA-certified team of AI and ML scientists, engineers, and business strategists bring decades of experience to build AI applications that are tailored to the healthcare industry and its opportunities.

We monitor and learn the latest techniques and technologies to ensure the models we deliver match healthcare’s rapid pace of innovation, and deploy those models securely in your environment.

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