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We transform companies from AI-curious to AI-first.

From sparking big ideas to practical delivery, we multiply your business value.

Kung Fu AI

[/kuhng foo/] – noun – Discipline or skill achieved through hard work and practice.

We help companies establish their AI strategy, develop custom solutions, and transform around artificial intelligence. We believe in a practical approach where executing proven techniques creatively on narrow use cases creates transformation in aggregate.

Our Vision: Democratize AI

Every business is in the data business. Digital has created a deluge of sites, apps, and technology systems for interacting with customers and managing the business. These systems are continuously producing data exhaust. After all the effort and investment spent on digital transformations, you still struggle to use your data to accelerate operations, reduce risk, or build differentiated capabilities. Something is missing. We provide the missing link between digital transformation and ROI by turning your data into capability. 

Seize this moment to innovate through data and unlock your business potential

Our Difference

Our People

Our Ph.D. led ML Engineers take their experiences from Apple, Google, DARPA, and SpaceX and apply it so all businesses can leverage cutting-edge, experimental modeling techniques practically.

Practical AI

Our practical AI methodology looks to understand the business objectives and data first so we build a solution that maximizes the return and minimizes the time and risk to deployment. 

Last-Mile AI

Most projects fail to ever make it into production because they fail on the last mile. We bridge the gap between Data Science and DevOps because of our deep DNA in software engineering. We deliver our models as ready-to-deploy packages and work with your engineering team to ensure our models make it into your production environments.

AI Services



  • Data Readiness Assessment
  • AI Roadmap Development
  • Executive Briefings



  • Custom Model Engineering
  • Research and Development
  • AI Product Development



  • Establish AI Competency Centers
  • AI Operations
  • Managed Services

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“Working with the KUNGFU.AI team has been great. They had a methodology for how they would engage, how each member of the KUNGFU.AI team would partner up with a member of my team based upon expertise. It allowed us to create multiple AI projects at the same time. We now go to KUNGFU.AI for overall strategic advice about what to do next.”

—Former C-Suite Client at a Global Real Estate Company

“Based on preliminary results, we are expecting to see significant increases. That in turn manifests itself as increased trust from our users, a lower support burden on us and better accuracy in making the healthcare predictions we are trying to make.”

—Lance Eason, Chief Data Scientist, Iodine Software

“The impact on our team has been tremendous. My team was able to grow within our organization and within their personal career space. They became better data scientists because now they were exposed to all the breadth of experience the KUNGFU.AI team brought to the table.”

—Former C-Suite Client at a Global Real Estate Company