AI Services

Practical AI: From data to transformation


“Data is the new oil.”

Clive Humby Data Science Pioneer

“AI is the fourth industrial revolution.”

Klaus Schwab Economist

“AI is the third wave of computing.”

Steve Case AOL

“AI is the second machine age.”

Andrew McAfee MIT

“AI is the new electricity.”

Andrew Ng Stanford

“AI is more profound than fire or electricity.”

Sundar Pichai Google

“The future belongs to the doers.”

Lindsey Anderson MIT

In 2016, artificial intelligence was democratized when cloud-based microservices were made available for fractions of a penny per transaction. The same disruptive forces powering Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Netflix are now accessible to all businesses. Today many are getting ahead. Most don’t know how to start.

Kung Fu AI

[/kuhng foo/] – noun – Discipline or skill achieved through hard work and practice.

KUNGFU.AI is an AI services provider helping companies transform data into augmented capabilities that achieve ambitious goals. We provide strategy and implementation, using data and AI to see new trends, develop new ideas, and organize around technology to better serve markets.

Our Difference


A KUNGFU.AI team combines entrepreneurs, technology leaders, data scientists, and deep learning experts to bring comprehensive capabilities to projects — from data modernization to AI competency.


We believe in Practical AI where we focus on applying the simplest solutions to tackle the biggest business challenges. We identify narrow use-cases ripe for solving with available technologies to de-risk and accelerate adoption.


We use AI for good. We believe in using AI to augment good people to accomplish great things. On the flip side, we turn down work that doesn’t align with our values. We also use the time we’re not working to delight clients for pro bono work to help make the world a better place.

AI Services

Data Science

  • Data Health Checks
  • Fractional data scientists
  • Data acquisition strategy

Artificial Intelligence

  • AI executive education
  • AI strategy roadmaps
  • Practical AI workshops
  • AI application development


  • AI Center of Excellence
  • Business transformation around AI
  • Fractional CTOs