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Excel in the Age of AI

KUNGFU.AI’s services accelerate your AI roadmap with strategy, AI engineering, and operations.

Our expert team delivers AI strategy and bespoke production-grade solutions that allow clients to rapidly realize value. We stand apart because we implement our AI strategies into production quickly, safely, and responsibly.


At KUNGFU.AI, we know that realizing significant returns on AI investment involves much more than building models.

It includes learning how to leverage AI as a competitive lead in your business and sustaining that advantage into the future. AI can radically transform your business, but finding success with AI isn’t straightforward. That’s where we can help.

While building AI strategies for our clients involves envisioning the future, we ground our methodology in a deep understanding of the people who shape everything: the team who generates your data, the designers behind your AI models, the users who interact with your AI tools and products, and the leaders moving you into a future where AI is at the center of a new economy.


AI has the power to radically improve the performance of your business.

It’s advancing rapidly and unlocking new opportunities every day. But many organizations lack the experience and in-house expertise to successfully deploy AI. That’s where our team comes in.

KUNGFU.AI’s team are experts in AI, machine learning, software engineering, and more, that are consistently learning and leveraging the latest research in order to develop bleeding-edge solutions to address your business challenges. They have designed, architected, built, and deployed hundreds of end-to-end AI solutions ranging from innovative proofs-of-concept to fully managed production AI models.

Our team begins by listening to your challenges, learning your environment, and then builds and iterates on a solution that meets your needs.


Regardless of where you are in your journey, we can help optimize your AI.

Investing in your organization’s AI operations means you are being intentional about maximizing the value of your AI assets and capabilities and minimizing the costs of ownership of AI operations.  It’s about being confident that you can tackle AI opportunities in a way that is repeatable, reliable, and aligned to the most important corporate objectives.  It’s about taking advantage of efficiencies in your AI operations to direct resources toward greater innovation and more sustainable advantage.

Whether you are just setting out to implement your data strategy or are well down the road of deploying production AI models, our team works with you to ensure that your investment in an AI future and capabilities will yield the greatest possible return.

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