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Artificial intelligence is the most important discovery in human history. It is impacting our world faster and more profoundly than any innovation before it. And anyone who says they know what the future of AI holds is incorrect.

While we can’t predict the future, here’s what we do know — the challenge with AI isn’t the what, it’s the how. For companies leveraging AI, the difficulty isn’t in training the model, it’s how do you develop your AI strategy, in implementing it, how you manage it, gaining adoption and ensuring its put to good, ethical, and responsible use.

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Using industry leading research, our HIPAA-certified team deploys bleeding-edge AI solutions to overcome the world’s toughest biomedical and life science challenges. From earlier diagnoses, to the automation of redundant back office tasks, AI transforms the way we approach healthcare.
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We partner with government agencies to advance their AI and data maturity, deliver comprehensive AI tools and knowledge that provide vision, design, engineering, and management of AI systems.
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In a consumer economy, we understand the importance of developing AI that captures customers through innovative advancements and allows our clients to be AI leaders in their markets.
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Finance & Insurance

We creatively put our clients in the green through solutions that optimize their data, automating their menial tasks, and deliver new synergies to their organizations. Our expert team applies custom models to find the ROI in risk assessment, risk management and fraud detection.
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Our Methodology

Our methodology sets a flywheel effective in motion toward AI-centric transformation.

Where to start?

Knowing where to start isn’t always obvious — or easy. Do you jump into one AI use case or build company-wide AI usage roadmaps?

A guided journey

We approach this transformation as concentric flywheels — both will get you to where you need to be. We help you know where to start.

Outside in

Companies with some digital sophistication often need strategy, readiness assessment, and modernization support to get started.

Inside out

Others need quick proof of concept wins to show AI’s value. We start by developing an initial application to create buy-in and momentum.

Why not both?

Build transformation momentum faster by doing both — tackle a particular use case while mapping out a broader company-wide strategy.

One thing at a time

A holistic approach is almost always better, but we know some companies have specific needs to augment their existing, internal efforts.

Our Delivery Team

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Daniel Martin

“Working with world-class AI practitioners while addressing novel challenges is a constant source for inspiration. The Delivery Management team acts as a constant thread from initial concept to deployment while maintaining focus on the long-term objectives of our clients. Throughout every engagement, we allow the overall team to excel by adding structure, removing friction, and allowing our practitioners to focus on their core areas of expertise. The results speak for themselves, and I’m proud to be a member of the KUNGFU.AI team”.

Christian Barnard

Chief Operating Officer
"The AI industry demands meticulous attention to detail and scrutiny across all processes when developing machine learning models. Seeing this organization with all of its expertise from all walks of life, I am humbled to witness and be a part of each team member's experiences as we form comprehensive solutions to encompass all parts of our clients' needs. For an organization like KUNGFU.AI to tackle all corners of our global economy, it requires the diversity amongst our Delivery Management, Engineering, and Strategy teams to lend their individual, specialized knowledge to each client. I'm simply honored to be a part of it."
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Michael Wharton

“At KUNGFU.AI, each project requires a delicate balance between research, experimentation, implementation, and refinement to create state of the art AI. The Delivery Management team ensures this balance is kept in check at all times, which enables the Engineering and Strategy teams to work optimally and focus deeply on the details that matter. Our track record of successes is something we’re proud to stand by, and it’s only possible because our project teams are greater than the sum of their parts.”

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