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Our Story

KUNGFU.AI was founded in 2018 by co-founders Stephen Straus, Steve Meier, Ron Green, and Zhangzhang (ZZ) Si.
KUNGFU founders

January 24, 2018

Turns away first client for ethical reasons

January 22, 2018

KUNGFU.AI Launches

july 2018

Began first major client project with Keller Williams

May 2018

First AI for Good Open Office Hours

August 2019

Culture Club founded

August 2018

Co-founder team complete

March 2020

First employee resource group - KUNGFU.women - is launched

January 2020

First ethics charter is drafted


Earned Google Partner Specialization in Machine Learning

MARCH 2021

First Neurodiversity in the Workplace lunch-and-learn

September 2022

Formed our Data Science Team

April 2021

Launched our Strategy Practice

january 2023

Launched Lab Fridays

November 2022

OpenAI launches ChatGPT, Generative AI explodes

September 2023

KUNGFU.AI Government Solutions team signs first prime contract

August 2023

Announced ZZ Si as our first ever Distinguished Machine Learning Engineer

January 2024

Launched our podcast, Hidden Layers
When serial entrepreneur and former VC Stephen Straus considered his next business venture, the idea for the company blossomed.

Based on his experience as a venture capitalist through the boom and bust in the late 1990s and early 2000s, he sensed real parallels between the Internet and the unfolding of the AI revolution.

An amazing opportunity struck him — build an industry-defining professional services firm to help companies lead in the new AI economy. Through networking, he was referred to co-founder Steve Meier, who had a strong sales and marketing background, and technical co-founders Ron Green and Zhangzhang (ZZ) Si, who both have deep machine learning domain expertise.

Since 2018, KUNGFU.AI has flourished in terms of people, revenue, clients, and areas of focus.

We stay faithful to the original mission: delivering bleeding-edge AI solutions to clients and helping them transform themselves into AI-first companies.
KAI the mascot

Our Mascot

KUNGFU.AI’s robot didn’t always have a name, but as our mascot, he deserved a strong identity.

To find one, our employees entered popular names into a tournament-style bracket. With the power of democracy and multiple voting rounds, the robot was named Kai.

This name fit for several reasons: Kai abbreviates KUNGFU.AI, Kai is a Chinese character that means “to begin,” which fits how we help our clients begin their AI journeys, and Kai acknowledges our Co-Founder Zhangzhang (ZZ) Si’s homeland and culture. 

Our Team

Since 2018, KUNGFU.AI has grown to include more than 40 team members—check out the full team.
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Our Clients

Our client base is always growing and we’re proud to collaborate with these companies.
Let's Work Together
Johns Hopkins
Kendra Scott
Waste Management

Our Values

Our values were thoughtfully developed to guide what we prioritize and how we interact with each other, our clients, and our world.


We believe creative thinking leads to unique, adaptive solutions that deliver the best value to clients.

We foster creative thinking by empowering experimentation and collaboration, taking risks, and valuing progress over perfection.


We believe that caring for our people, clients, community and society is central to humanity and our company.

We are committed to building and maintaining a culture and client solutions that are human-centered and we consider the impact our work and our choices have and make the hard decisions.


We believe learning is fundamental to growing as people and our shared success.

We know our world is changing fast and that only an environment of vulnerability and curiosity will allow us and our clients to keep up.


We believe excellence and quality stems from a breadth of perspectives and everyone is given equal opportunity to share, learn and grow.

We strive to be intentionally inclusive and deliberately diverse so we all have an equitable opportunity in a new age. We are committed to teaching others and making our tools and learning accessible.


We believe that trust underpins all that we do and needs to be earned.

We are committed to building long-term, trusting relationships with our clients, team and our communities through reliability, transparency, and integrity.
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