AI For Good

“The future is already here –it is not evenly distributed”William Gibson, Author

At KUNGFU, we believe that AI should be used toward positive goals — enhancing our ability to help people and serve our customers. While there is a lot of press about AI taking jobs, we believe that AI should rightly be called augmented intelligence and we work to craft solutions to augment the power and productivity of people. AI has the ability to augment decision-making and take on the more menial tasks that weigh us down and freeing us up to focus on higher-value work that leverages our experience, intuition, and creativity.

AI for Good Manifesto

Our mission is to democratize AI. We see artificial intelligence being this incredible, ubiquitous force. It will fundamentally change and improve every facet of our lives. However, AI will also create a tremendous amount of inequity. Today only the biggest and most wealthy companies and individuals are early adopters. People and companies that fall behind risk obsolescence. It is exciting and scary, but because of this, we promise to use AI responsibly and work towards making the community more inclusive. Our AI for Good Manifesto includes:

  • Donate our time to help people in the minority break into the industry
  • Hire and promote gender and racial diversity in the workplace
  • Donate our time to help small businesses and nonprofits adopt AI capabilities
  • Allow as much transparency as possible when developing our machine learning models
  • Avoid introducing variables or features in the models that can be construed as causing bias
  • Seek external reviews to evaluate model bias
  • Examine and recalculate models frequently to avoid bias from older data
  • Explore all possibilities to augment people with AI before replacing them