“The future belongs to the doers” —Lindsey Anderson, MIT

Organize for AI

AI requires more than data and technology mastery. Sustainable adoption requires the integration of operations, data, infrastructure, and expertise. After we help you see value with Practical AI implementations, it’s time to operationalize the model for scale. We help establish systems that provides easy access to your data. Then, we provide the resources to train algorithms. KUNGFU.AI enhances your capability and capacity to execute AI projects with an efficient offering for data, technology, and expertise.

AI Center for Excellence

KUNGFU.AI can help organizations operationalize around AI and establish an AI center of excellence. We provide AI DevOps strategy consulting and managed services as a bridge until internal operational excellence is established. Core features of an AI Center of Excellence include: Business, Data, Learning, and Technology.

1. Business:

  • Goal alignment
  • Business justification
  • Benchmarks
  • AI strategy

2. Technology:

  • Digital maturity
  • Build versus buy
  • DevOps
  • Technology requirements
  • Technology roadmap

3. Learning:

  • Systems of measurement
  • Recurring learning process
  • Human in the loop

4. Data:

  • Data assessment
  • Data acquisition strategy
  • Fractional data science
  • Consolidate data silos

5. Organization:

  • Expertise planning
  • Fractional leadership
  • Establish governance
  • Process & collaboration

Managed Services

We can run your AI programs on a managed services basis, including keeping real-time data flowing and cloud-based systems running. Want to build up your internal capabilities? We can help you define skills and roles needed to build and run your AI systems and assist you in hiring, training, and support.

Fractional CTO

Most organizations need technology visionaries at the executive level but struggle with finding the correct expertise or the investment. Some just need part-time leadership. Think of fractional expertise like leadership-as-a-service. We offer our experienced CTO’s as part-time leadership and consultants for hire. Our fractional CTOs help organizations build AI competency, strategy, and oversee project implementation.