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Trendspotting in AI: Governance Strategies for Tomorrow | EP.20

Join Ron and AI industry veteran Paco Nathan as they delve into the latest developments and future directions of artificial intelligence. Paco, managing partner at Derwen Inc. and author of "Latent Space," shares his insights on emerging areas within AI, such as advanced mathematical analysis of models, the role of hardware evolution in decision support systems, and the potential of hybrid neurosymbolic approaches bridging deep learning and symbolic AI.

Discover the cutting-edge work happening in data governance and its profound impact on AI evolution. Paco explores overlooked aspects like the strategic use of domain-specific languages (DSLs) in AI training and the importance of aligning AI systems with rigorous governance frameworks.Looking ahead, Paco predicts a hardware revolution that will drive AI capabilities to the edge, facilitating low-power inference and boosting the adoption of sophisticated AI technologies.

While discussing the concept of AGI (artificial general intelligence), Paco emphasizes the challenges and complexities surrounding its realization, drawing parallels with the gradual evolution of self-driving cars.

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