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Case study
Boosting Business Growth: Mastering Click-to-Conversion in Marketing
Case study
Auditing Models for a Large Banking Technology Company
Case study
Picking the Right LLM in the Healthcare Industry
Case study
Creating an AI Roadmap
Case study
financial graph
Detecting Financial Fraud
It is frequently impractical to train supervised fraud-detection models from scratch, as large human-labeled datasets are rare and expensive to generate.
Case study
oil field
Saving Money Using Computer Vision
Our client is a company that specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for the oil and gas industry.
Case study
women interviewing
Increasing Revenue for Global Job Seeking Website
KUNGFU.AI worked with one of the world’s largest job listing websites. Their comprehensive platform is designed to streamline and optimize the hiring process for both job seekers and employers
Case study
AI in Rainforest Conservation with Savimbo
Savimbo sells fair-trade carbon credits. Buy direct from smallfarmers in tropical forests to go carbon neutral, for global good.
Case study
blue car, automated pricing in autotech
Automated Pricing in Autotech
KUNGFU.AI researched this problem set, and identified a better model that had the capability to produce better object detection results.
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