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Computer Vision

Case study
blue car, automated pricing in autotech
Automated Pricing in Autotech
KUNGFU.AI researched this problem set, and identified a better model that had the capability to produce better object detection results.
Case study
Retail display of magazines, planogram identification in retail
Planogram Identification in Retail
KUNGFU.AI and Clerk's study resulted in identifying six distinct labels, several of which were vital in unlocking performance improvements.
Case study
The Waste Management Early Alert Rear Safety Device
Waste Management Early Alert Rear Safety Device
Creating an automated detection system for Waste Management to detect oncoming vehicles that pose risk for the riders could reduce injuries and save lives.
Case study
Data extraction for retail—a person holds a receipt with highlighted data points
Data Extraction
KUNGFU built a hybrid model, leveraging client’s existing cloud APIs, a custom YOLOv3 boundingbox detection algorithm, and a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) model to enhance and extract appropriate textual data from receipts.
Case study
Keller Williams, a real estate agent prepares documents with home buyers
Paper to Digital
We created a system that uses content classification and computer vision algorithms (CNN and OCR) to extract data from their offer contracts.
Case study
Collectibles Company Case Study: A person holds a rare coin.
Collectibles Company
We trained models to identify a subset of rare coins with over 90% accuracy with a roadmap to higher accuracy and multiple business use cases for deployment.
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