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Case study
Tanger Outlets Case Study: Receipt Data Extraction
Receipt Data Extraction with Tanger Outlets
Tanger Outlets is an industry leader in ownership and management of outlet shopping destinations and manages a customer loyalty program in which they capture images of customer receipts.
Case study
Case Study: Natural Language Processing for Audio Search, a broadcaster records a podcast that will then be indexed and archived with NLP
NLP for Audio Search
KUNGFU.AI executed model research prototyping, leveraging Google’s Speech-to-Text feature converting audio data into machine legible text. Additionally, KUNGFU.AI explored the efficacy of recent advancements in transformers, a deep learning technique that proved promising in Natural Language Processing (NLP) tasks.
Case study
NLP for document integrity in medical records: a nurse records patient data
NLP for Document Integrity
KUNGFU.AI built, trained, and deployed a Named Entity Recognition model using spaCy which improved the insurance claims process as well as provide input for additional prediction tasks benefiting patients, hospitals, insurance providers, and financial institutions.
Case study
Recommendation Engine case study focused on vacation property rentals
Recommendation Engine
Built a hybrid recommendation system that had a two embedding matching algorithm. It use data on users and properties to make more accurate recommendations.
Case study
Proposal Vetting case study for SXSW
Proposal Vetting
KUNGFU.AI designed and trained a deep learning NLP model to automatically review and predict the grade of conference proposals. The model examines multiple features for each proposal including, title, description, track name, target audience description, speaker names, emails, and Twitter follower counts.
Case study
Price comparison for e-commerce, a woman uses a laptop to shop online
Price Comparison
Developed a chrome extension for mobile web browsers that extract on-site data, mapping to product information from third-party sites. That data was processed using Random Forrest and NLP classification models to output lower price product comparisons. This new approach leverages a real-time human-in-the-loop system to maximize accuracy.
Case study
Art Marketplace: A woman observes two pieces of art on a wall
Art Marketplace
‍KUNGFU.AI built a recommendation model trained on a taste graph that mapped vectors of taste onto properties of artists and open-ended questionnaires which lead to an increase in conversions
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