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Case study
Boosting Business Growth: Mastering Click-to-Conversion in Marketing
Our client is a performance marketing company that specializes in assisting clients in achieving impressions and click goals. Acting as a third-party campaign manager, their primary focus lies in driving conversions in the app marketplace to boost app installs. However, the challenge they face is a low conversion rate, largely due to fraudulent clicks and bot-generated traffic, hindering their ability to meet client goals and risking throttling or shutdowns from marketplaces.
Case study
Auditing Models for a Large Banking Technology Company
A banking technology client with a new Chief Product Officer came to KUNGFU.AI with a unique challenge - the firm had a legacy technology product which had been neglected for some time. The new CPO wanted KUNGFU.AI to evaluate the product and provide recommendations for updating it.
Case study
Picking the Right LLM in the Healthcare Industry
Since November of 2022 with the unveiling of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, firms across the globe have begun racing to deploy such capabilities. Understanding fact vs science fiction in such a environment is very difficult. A healthcare SaaS company, seeing opportunities for LLM adoption across the organization, sought KUNGFU.AI’s help in evaluating a handful of use cases.
Case study
Creating an AI Roadmap
A public accounting and technology consulting firm has an interdisciplinary transformation committee formed by the CEO with the directive of seeking opportunities for self-disruption via emerging technologies. Without a strong grasp of the possibilities of artificial intelligence, they needed a crash course to frame their thinking.
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