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Next Three Years are big in AI

Deadline 2024: Why you only have 3 years left to adopt AI

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At KUNGFU.AI, we have an ethos around the term "AI Deadline." For us, the next three years are pivotal for firms looking to adopt AI - it's quite literally life or death. As our Managing Director, Stephen Straus, always says "companies now more than ever need to cross the chasm and adopt AI, or get left behind."

Our Head of Growth, Steve Meier, wrote a feature piece in VentureBeat about this so-called AI Deadline. According to Boston Consulting Group (BCG)'s "2020 AI survey, 87% (of firms surveyed) believe AI will offer their companies an advantage over others. Just 59% of companies, however, have an AI strategy."

According to Steve's prediction — formulated with KUNGFU.AI advisor Paco Nathan — the prediction is rooted in us noticing that many futurists’ J curves show innovations typically have a 12-to-15-year window of opportunity, a period between when a technology emerges and when it reaches the point of widespread adoption.

To read more on this AI Deadline, and how to take advantage of the next three years, check out Steve's article in VentureBeat here.

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