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Lessons from an AI Pioneer in Navigating Downturns

Lessons from an AI Pioneer in Navigating Downturns

Stephen Straus
Co-founder, Managing Director

In my recent blog post titled What History Teaches Us About How To Achieve Post-Coronavirus Success, I make the case that companies need to learn the lessons from previous downturns in order to navigate the current downturn and come out of it stronger and better positioned for success than before. Some of the most impactful recent technology advances emerged during economic downturns - just as artificial intelligence is emerging today - and we can learn from both positive and negative examples from those time periods.

In this video, I interview Paco Nathan of Derwen.AI, who is a fascinating business leader and machine learning expert and recently joined KUNGFU.AI as an advisor. The interview came out of the coincidence that both Paco and I recently wrote blog posts on the same topic. His blog post is called Squonk’s Tears - a science fiction reference - and Paco uses colorful imagery to get his points across.

You’ll need to watch the video, but I would summarize Paco’s perspective on how to succeed through this downturn as “you need to burn your bridges before you get to the point of no return or you’ll end up like an ad executive at a golf course.” Paco has a compelling perspective and it’s worth watching to hear him explain what he means.

He also has a contrarian perspective on hardware, which is that going forward, AI-accelerating hardware is moving faster than software, and software is moving faster than process. He argues that most people think it's the other way around and are at risk of getting blindsided.

I’d welcome your feedback on Paco’s insights and look forward to hearing from you.

-Stephen Straus

Co-founder and Managing Director, KUNGFU.AI