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How to win with AI

Want to win with AI? Focus on your leadership, not the competition.

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You could say that when it comes to AI, companies today are engaged in a competition reminiscent of the ’60s space race. So it should be no surprise that OODA, an old pilot’s acronym for “observe, orient, decide and act,” has been co-opted by those wanting to amass business advantages through the use of data and machine learning.

Our Head of Growth, Steve Meier, wrote a feature piece in VentureBeat about this imperative. McKinsey & Company’s State Of AI in 2020, highlights that "AI high performers were 2.3X more likely to consider their C-suite leaders very effective. This same group was also more likely to say AI initiatives have an engaged and knowledgeable champion in the C-suite."

According to Steve’s prediction — formulated with KUNGFU.AI advisor Paco Nathan — Paco plotted (pictured below) the percentage of responses he received when asking companies at different stages about their AI adoption challenges.

To read more on what it AI leadership, and how to win with AI, check out Steve’s article in VentureBeat here.

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