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KUNGFU.AI Partners with Parasanti to Support U.S. Navy Foreign Object Detection Project

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AUSTIN, Texas, August 25, 2021 - Artificial intelligence strategy, solutions, and transformation services provider KUNGFU.AI was selected to support Parasanti, Inc., in a project to identify foreign object debris (FOD) on airfields for the United States Navy. Parasanti will be supporting the Navy via a Prime position on a DIU OTA.

“Partnering with Parasanti on this FOD project is an ideal project to apply KUNGFU.AI’s artificial intelligence and machine learning expertise, particularly in using deep learning to solve real-world computer vision challenges,” said Dr. Steve Kramer, Chief Scientist at KUNGFU.AI. “This project demonstrates the wide-ranging applications of artificial intelligence in government and military settings, as well as our proven ability to partner with government contractors to provide custom solutions.”

“We selected KUNGFU.AI for this project because of their computer vision expertise, capability to build robust custom machine learning models for our needs, and the strength of their seasoned team,” said James Hancock, Parasanti’s CEO. “We look forward to partnering with them to deliver this FOD mitigation project to the Navy.”

Foreign object debris on airfields causes severe damage that costs military and commercial aviation millions of dollars per year, threatens the lives of operators, and leads to significant readiness issues as critical assets are rendered unavailable for training or operational employment. In real dollars, engine foreign object damage (FOD) costs the aviation industry $2B+ per year, and that cost is growing with the introduction of advanced jet engines. Identified objects lead to delays in operations and require manual intervention to remove the offending item. Unidentified objects damage aircraft and equipment, with the potential to result in the total loss of the aircraft and risk to human life.

Current FOD mitigation strategies are somewhat effective but are still prone to “false negatives” (unidentified FOD) and are human capital intensive. Further, predictive models based on historical FOD data are incomplete. They rely on manual logging, cannot account for undetected FOD, and do not incorporate other data sources to build a comprehensive model of when FOD is most likely to occur.

Parasanti will deliver an integrated suite of sensor, edge computation, data orchestration software, and artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) algorithms designed to identify and generate alerts for potential FOD with a seamless, easily understood end-user interface. Our work will integrate relevant sensors (e.g., millimeter-wave radar, high-resolution cameras, etc.) with other airfield systems to deliver a sophisticated sensor fusion network that is ideal for delivering real-time alerting and threat mitigation while maximizing investments in legacy systems.

About Parasanti

Parasanti Federal provides edge analytics solutions for the DoD and Federal government through its edge hardware and software solutions, to deliver mission critical insights in the most extreme environments. For more information, visit


KUNGFU.AI is an AI professional services firm that helps clients in the areas of AI strategy, development, and transformation. Our team has expertise in computer vision, natural language processing, predictive analytics, and more. We help clients harness the possibility in their data. For more information, visit


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Jennifer Trou

Director of Marketing, KUNGFU.AI

Travis Clovis

Head of Product, Parasanti

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