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Mural celebrating neurodiversity, Autism Acceptance Day

Autism Acceptance Day

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Each year, on April 2nd, we take a moment to acknowledge Autistic individuals as they struggle to integrate themselves into a world that was designed for neurotypical people. At KUNGFU.AI, rather than observing Autism acceptance one day a year, we are building processes and sharing resources that we hope will allow our extended team to become a force of understanding and acceptance in every interaction, every day.

As coworkers, family, and friends of those on the Autism spectrum, it is our responsibility to:

  1. Learn about Autism
  2. Bring empathy to our interactions
  3. Create a world that allows Autistic individuals to flourish

Learn About Autism

An estimated 1 in 44 people are autistic. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) has been recognized in various forms for almost a century, but we are only now beginning to understand the condition, its prevalence, the personal challenges, and the gifts that contribute to the Autistic experience.

According to The Autism Society, “Autism is a complex, lifelong developmental condition that typically appears during early childhood and can impact a person’s social skills, communication, relationships, and self-regulation.”

Fortunately, as awareness grows, so does early diagnosis and availability of support services.

Bring Empathy to Our Interactions

In addition to the intensely personal challenges that define ASD, Autistic children also experience anxiety and trauma at significantly increased rates compared to the general population. This is a result of growing up in a world that is fundamentally misaligned with their brains — and with people who are uninformed about the condition. Studies indicate that more than half of Autistic adults are unemployed or underemployed. As allies of our Autistic coworkers and friends, it is our wonderful responsibility to listen, work hard to understand their perspectives, and find ways we can adapt our world to be more inclusive.

Create a World That Allows Autistic Individuals to Flourish

Far from being a simple pathology, ASD brains are also known to enhance many positive traits and can be a competitive advantage. While the Autism experience is different for everyone, many individuals exhibit a heightened sense of fairness and selflessness, understanding and adapting to complex systems, and an unimpeachable focus on details, only to name a few. Creating an accepting and accommodating environment allows Autistic individuals to be more vulnerable and fully themselves—unlocking their full potential.

KUNGFU.AI believes that diverse perspectives - and that includes neurodiversity (autism, dyslexia, and others) create better solutions for our clients and a better work environment for our team. We actively encourage women, people of color, neurodiverse individuals, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, veterans, individuals with disabilities, among all the other beautiful and wonderful types of people on this crazy planet, to apply to join our team.

Please let us know, if at any point in our hiring process, there is a reasonable accommodation that would allow you to flourish!


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