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KUNGFU.AI and makepath partnership

KUNGFU.AI and makepath Partner to Demonstrate Power of Machine Learning and Data Visualization

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The visualization of model output is generally challenging and an untapped space. To demonstrate one potential method of visualization, KUNGFU.AI and makepath have partnered to create a prototype that will combine the power of machine learning with open source GIS and create a visualization companies could use to interpret patterns within their data. GIS data is notoriously difficult to visualize in a compelling, easy-to-understand way, and finding a solution to this problem will unlock significant business value. For example, businesses can now use machine learning to track the physical world around them and uncover behavioral patterns. makepath allows them to see patterns and even predict future patterns or events.

Using this prototype, companies can better understand unexplored opportunities, forecast shortages, and reallocate resources. The two teams will be using data from frequently visited gas stations in Texas and looking at three specific types of data.

The data will then be used to create visualizations to uncover any patterns or insights.

The visualizations above demonstrate a potential use case for the visualization tools. It identifies the cars visiting a large gas station and uncovers which location they are visiting, how they move through and utilize the space, and the frequency at which they are visiting the station. This allows the company to better understand which locations are being used most frequently, how they are being used, and by which type of cars.

makepath helps companies visualize what is hiding in their geospatial data through beautiful and engaging data visualizations. With deep expertise in data science, software development, and open source GIS tools, they focus on analyzing and showcasing data with a storytelling element, to make large and complex datasets easy to understand.

While this is just one specific example, the opportunities are endless. If you are interested in applying machine learning to track and visualize trends, please reach out to us at And stay tuned for more updates!

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