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AI Simplified: An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

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Recent releases of generative AI like ChatGPT, DALL*E, Midjourney, and more, have put the full potential of AI front and center.

While these tools are impressive, the possibilities of AI extend far beyond search algorithms and art creation. KUNGFU.AI has deployed groundbreaking models capable of things like accurately predicting the risk of breast cancer 5 years before it develops, assisting satellites in orbit to avoid collisions, and saving lives by alerting sanitation workers of potential collisions before they occur. The ways in which AI can improve your business are innumerable, but you have to truly understand AI as a tool before you can take advantage of it.

Understanding how you can revolutionize your business is no longer just a value-added skill, but a necessity to survive and thrive in the age of AI. KUNGFU.AI partnered with Voltage Control to offer a foundational course on the fundamentals of AI and how to optimize it for your business.


KUNGFU.AI and Voltage Control’s course, Artificial Intelligence 101, focuses on the basics of AI then transitions into how to use it to impact and transform your business. As a course, AI 101 effectively instructs leaders on how to identify opportunities for incorporating AI into their businesses and how to efficiently implement it to optimize their results. The five sections of the course are:

  1. Introduction: the fundamental concepts, history, current state, and future of AI
  2. Determining the Right AI Projects: how to spot key areas to improve your business with AI and how to know which types of projects to pursue
  3. Getting to the Starting Line: the requirements that you’ll need to meet before achieving success with your AI
  4. Mitigating AI Risks: tangible insights into how you can best avoid the pitfalls and traps that many people rushing blindly into AI find themselves in
  5. Moving Forward with AI: helps you understand the next steps you need to take to actively succeed with AI in your organization


Upon completion of the course, you will be able to not only grasp the abstract concepts of Artificial Intelligence, but begin to apply it in your business. 


Reed Coke is a Principal Machine Learning Engineer at KUNGFU.AI. He’s an expert in Natural Language Processing and has developed and deployed a number of high-efficiency models across industries, namely healthcare, financial services, and retail.

With a solid industry and research background in conversational AI, text mining, and linguistics, Reed is the ideal instructor for this course. Reed is passionate about how language, communication, and education about AI shape our world and brings that enthusiasm to his teaching.

Reed has a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, which has provided him with the technical expertise necessary to excel in the field of AI. Listen to Reed on the Control the Room Podcast as he talks through how he approached creating the course, and why it’s important to him.


In pursuit of creating Artificial Intelligence 101, KUNGFU.AI partnered with Voltage Control to develop and release this one-of-a-kind course. Voltage Control offers a tremendous opportunity for its clients to learn and grow both professionally and personally through a variety of course offerings. From certifications to workshops, from educational video courses to community interactions and involvement, Voltage Control ensures a premium quality experience. Douglas Ferguson, the founder and CEO of Voltage Control is also a friend of KUNGFU.AI and one of our strategic advisors. Check out Voltage Control's blog on this very same course here.


KUNGFU.AI strategically partners with clients on large cycles of change and innovation to help them compete and lead in the age of AI. We provide strategy, engineering, and operations services to achieve AI-centric transformation.