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KUNGFU.AI Presents: Unlocking Greater Business Intelligence with Graphs

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The explosion of data produced by our digital world can be challenging to understand, quantify, and simplify. But many companies are just now becoming aware of the benefits of network graph analysis and graph data science.

Network graph analysis allows us to study and visualize sets of nodes and connections in order to derive meaningful business insights. In recent years deep learning has been applied to graph problems, yielding powerful solutions for supply chain optimization, drug discovery, and product recommendations. In this webinar, we'll provide an introduction to graph data science as well as case studies in cybersecurity anomaly detection, social media misinformation, IT hardware and software optimization, customer intelligence, and knowledge graphs.

Watch graph experts Paco Nathan, Managing Partner at; Dr. Steve Kramer, chief scientist at KUNGFU.AI; and Michael Wharton, principal machine learning engineer at KUNGFU.AI for a discussion about how graph-based techniques can bring better insights and deeper understanding to your business.