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Steve Meier
Co-founder, Head of Innovation

What a year. It's been so busy that the last time I was able to sit back and reflect, we were almost 30 employees strong. Now we are approaching 50 with no slowdown in sight! We have delivered over 100 successful client engagements across more than 10 industry verticals. I feel incredibly blessed and thought it could be beneficial to share some company updates with you. 

This past year will go down in our history books and be remembered for growth and scale. In fact, we were able to eclipse last year's revenues in less than 6 months into our fiscal year. I have to credit our delivery team for incredible execution and for driving truly transformative results. For example, this year, we delivered a project in the retail space where we applied a computer vision transformer to a retail product that increased their product accuracy for detecting items on shelves by 20% and cut in half the costs for data labeling through the automation of workflows. 

Planogram Identification in Retail

Additionally, we were able to help the US Navy detect 17 new foreign objects on runways that cause catastrophic damage to aircraft and increase accuracy of radar systems by 37%. We are also preparing for FDA approval for a revolutionary model that can predict the early stages of cancer up to 5 years into the future. Four years ago, I would never have believed AI could accomplish these feats. 

Our growth as a company can also be attributed to the maturity of our strategy offering under the leadership of Dr. Benjamin Herndon. Formerly the Chief Analytics Officer of the IRS and Head of AI Strategy for Vista Equity Partners, he has helped organizations large and small scale through the adoption of advanced analytics and AI. For example, our work over the last few years with Iodine Software, a healthcare technology company, has helped them differentiate their product using deep learning capabilities. 

Dr. Herndon helped them restructure their data science operations for scale and establish a product roadmap that will help them entrench their market advantage through data and AI capabilities. Recently, Advent International, a private equity firm, invested in Iodine boosting its valuation beyond $1 billion. The hope is that the company's AI-powered clinical documentation improvement software can capture a greater share of the market for software products that help hospitals code and bill accurately to receive reimbursement.

Seeing the change made possible through artificial intelligence makes me excited to get up every day to go to work. I have not seen any technology equivalent in value creation in almost 15 years of working in IT and Digital professional services. To help demonstrate the value to others who wish to scale their ML programs or simply get started, we are lowering the barrier to entry from a cost perspective and de-risk projects quickly. We recently launched a proof of technology and strategy service offer that can demonstrate and de-risk model capabilities in as little as 3-weeks called the ML Model Accelerator

I cannot be more excited to see what the future holds!

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