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Contract-to-Hire is a Key Component of our Team Building Strategy

Contract-to-Hire is a Key Component of our Team Building Strategy

Stephen Straus
Co-founder, Managing Director

A key strategy of ours at KUNGFU.AI is to hire the best people who really add to our amazing, inclusive culture we are building. We work extremely hard at finding the right people and couldn’t be more pleased with the team we have assembled.

Like all professional services firms, KUNGFU.AI relies on a mix of full-time employees and contractors to deliver our service offerings to our clients. Most of these contractors are engineers and, in order to ensure the highest quality work, our target is to have no more than 30% of our engineering team be contractors.

A key component of our strategy of working with contractors is to put them on the path of contract-to-hire. In other words, working with us as a contractor can be a great opportunity to land a full-time role at KUNGFU.AI. It gives our contractors the opportunity to get to know our terrific team and clients. And likewise, it gives our team a great chance to get to know our contractors and assess their skills and work, as well as their ability to add to our culture.

Unfortunately, there is no formula for knowing how long someone might be a contractor and how long it might take for us to make an offer to them to join our team. It’s the nature of professional services to have to match the amount of work that clients have with the right mix of talented people who can do the work. When we’re flush with business, we look to make full time offers much faster than when we’re not growing as fast, though we are always looking to keep the percentage of contractors within a standard range of ¼ of our talent base.

Three of our company’s values, which are described here, are that we strive to be Open, Caring, and Trustworthy in everything we do. These values come in to play in how we treat our contractors in a myriad of ways. Being open in this context means making sure we’re being transparent with our contractors on the opportunity for contract-to-hire and what time table they might be on to receive a full-time offer. Being caring with contractors means, to the extent possible, treating them like they are a part of our team and making them feel included. And being trustworthy means following through on our commitments.

We are very intentional about building an inclusive culture at KUNGFU.AI and invest a lot of time in our efforts in this area. We are also very intentional about building a diverse team because we know that diversity has a direct impact on our overall business and increases our chances for success in all we do. As such, we are always looking to build a diverse team of contractors, whether that diversity is found in gender, race, ethnicity, sexual preference, and identity, age, veteran-status or neurodiversity, among others.

For those that we make full time offers to, we offer the absolute best benefits available to us, including ‘gold’ level health, dental and vision insurance, short and long term disability, 401K plan, among others. We also offer unlimited paid time off, twelve days of company holidays - including the day off for your birthday - paid parental leave and more.

For full time hires, we also sponsor people through their immigration needs. We pay 100% of the legal work to support team members seeking an H1-B visa, green card, and/or becoming a naturalized citizen, working in conjunction with a top Austin-based immigration law firm.

If you’re interested in joining our team, we can’t wait to hear from you!

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