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KUNGFU.AI Names Steve Meier Chief Creative Officer

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Austin, Texas September 4, 2019: Austin-based artificial intelligence consultancy, KUNGFU.AI, announced today co-founder Steve Meier will move into the newly created role of Chief Creative Officer. Steve’s deep background in the intersection of creativity and technology makes him ideally suited to lead the company’s corporate development and consulting services. He previously served as a VP of sales and marketing.

“In my career, I’ve always been a more of a creative technologist,” said Steve Meier. “Working in tech, whether in sales, marketing, or strategy, it was creativity that enabled my growth. I’ve finally pinpointed why it all seemed to work. So now it’s time to make creativity the focal point.”

As artificial intelligence continues to be adopted, the ability to creatively consider its use and implementation will set companies apart.

“It’s well researched that creativity is quickly becoming the most desired skill set in the digital economy. We are entering a post-digital economy where creativity may define the line between man and machine operators. While we build towards a fully augmented workplace, we will need very creative people to figure out how to apply the technology for each business to unlock the most value. That is KUNGFU.AI’s mission.”

Steve’s background includes leading creative strategy teams for a digital agency and a certification from MIT in artificial intelligence, which gives a unique perspective on how companies can consider their business challenges and how targeted implementations of AI can help solve them.

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