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[April Fools] KUNGFU.AI Announces Partnership with Kung Fu Saloons

[April Fools] KUNGFU.AI Announces Partnership with Kung Fu Saloons

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April 1, 2018Austin,TXPRESS RELEASE

KUNGFU.AI, an Austin-based data science and artificial intelligence consultancy focused on the mid-market, today announced a new relationship with Kung Fu Saloons. Recognizing both the obvious synergies between their respective businesses and sharing similar names names, KUNGFU.AI has big plans for the alliance.KUNGFU.AI works with companies to develop data driven and machine learning-based solutions across a range of functions, including marketing and operations. Kung Fu Saloons delivers fun and relaxation by serving alcoholic beverages in a relaxed atmosphere featuring a theme that’s part vintage arcade, part sports bar, and part late night dance party, according to their website.KUNGFU.AI plans on inviting its staff, current customers and prospects as well as family and friends to the eponymous bar. The company sees opportunities to both bond with their team mates while also helping close business in a fun and relaxing environment.Reached for comment, Kung Fu Saloons said anyone was welcome in their establishments, including companies with similar names.For more information, and an invitation to discuss driving strong ROI with data driven solutions over the beverage of your choice, contact Steve Meier, VP of Sales and Marketing at KUNGFU.AI, at

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