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Top AI Companies in Austin Showcase During SXSW 2019

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Austin.AI hosted a Mixer and showcase combining forces with Capital Factory, Booz Allen Hamilton, and Gratify.AI during South by Southwest 2019. For the first time, the Austin artificial intelligence community was the star of the show. The event hosted practitioners and small businesses who are doing some great work in the field of AI, solving a wide array of industry challenges. Over 1,000 people rolled through this free, public event to checkout demos and market-ready solutions.

The contributing AI companies include:

KUNGFU.AI |StoryFit | Closed Loop AI | CognitiveScale | 3data | Keller Williams | ConverseNow.AI | Valkyrie | Hookbang | New Knowledge | Gratify.AI | Booz Allen Hamilton | DeUmbra | Pulselight | Alegion | UC Berkeley | Hypergiant | linedanceAI

In case you missed out, here is a short recap of the participating companies and their demos:


KUNGFU.AI is an artificial intelligence services agency who helps companies start and accelerate AI programs by providing development and strategy services. They focus clients on practical applications for AI, favoring the simple, creative solutions that return the highest value.


The KUNGFU.AI team created a generative adversarial network (GAN) demo where they take your picture and use deep learning to change your gender, race, and even show you what your child would look like when mixed with a celebrity. The future applications for GAN models are still unclear, however many believe their value will be generating synthetic data for model training.


StoryFit’s cloud-based and actionable AI supports the development and sales of books and movies. Using Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence, StoryFit integrates data, elemental story analysis, and market research to improve audience targeting, determine market fit, and mitigate investment risk.


StoryFit brought their movie and publisher analytics platform which provides accurate insights and reliable data, with applications in editorial, acquisition, greenlighting, marketing, and merchandising. By knowing a book or film’s market and critical potential, movie studios and publishers avoid shots in the dark.

Closed Loop AI

ClosedLoop AI is a predictive analytics platform for healthcare. Its learns from patterns in patient data along with millions of health records and their own data warehouse to generate more accurate predictions and recommendations. They use all available data points to inform risk scores, predictions and recommendations on an individual patient basis. They can leverage a variety of data streams including; EHR, clinical notes, labs, pharmacy, claims, health risk assessments, device data and more.


Their demo displayed a catalogue of predictive models for standard chronic conditions (like who will end up in the emergency room) and explains why certain patients are high risk by displaying the contributing factors.


CognitiveScale is an augmented intelligence tech-enabled service provider that pairs humans and machines to bring practical, scalable, responsible AI solutions to life. CognitiveScale’s Cortex software and expert teams help financial services, digital commerce and healthcare organizations to simplify the development, deployment and management of their AI systems.


CognitiveScale brought their Cortex software. The solution lets users tap into their library of machine learning APIs to rapidly build models that augment and enhance customer experience and boost process and operational productivity.


3Data is an AR/VR data visualization company. Their solution, PowerOffice, allows for remote meetings and collaboration combined with tools for advanced data science and mixed reality presentations. PowerOffice lets organizations enhance their analytics and monetize their data.


Their demo showcased how you can visualize all your IoT devices in realtime and make presentations from the data.

Keller Williams

Keller Williams is an international real estate company headquartered in Austin. Recently, they’ve made a transition to become a technology company that enables agents and brokers with automation and predictive intelligence. KW has released a series of AI-driven tools, including Kelle, an AI-powered personal assistant that helps agents with their everyday tasks.


Keller Williams shared their showing app, a project in development, that equips sellers with the ability to take a video of their home and automatically classify the space so they can quickly build a listing page.


ConverseNow, is a platform that provides conversational interfaces for Consumer Packaged Goods companies. In particular, CPG companies who seek value in building and maintaining a direct relationship with the consumer throughout the entire product ownership cycle.


They brought a video demo explaining how ConverseNow can exist in a dishwasher and interface with the user around getting maintenance when it fails.


Valkyrie Intelligence is a data science and machine learning consultancy. They build custom capabilities for their clients in a variety of industries.


They brought a computer vision demo that detects a variety of objects. Valkyrie also brought their Mark1, a deep learning server that runs the models they build.


Hookbang provides full-service software design and development for brands, agencies and technology companies — specializing in Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR/Computer Vision).


They built a software and hardware platform to scan objects, capture image data for training computer vision algorithms.

New Knowledge

New knowledge uses deep learning to monitor and mitigate social media manipulation.

They protect companies from the negative impact of false narratives.


New Knowledge brought a demo that came out of their research labs. They were showing off new capabilities to protect entities and brands against disinformation.


Gratify is a slack based service for outsourcing tasks. You can meet, contract, hire, and pay all from their tool. Gratify estimates you can save up to 20 hours a week through their outsourcing tool.


DeUmbra is a data analytics and machine learning consultancy for the Department of Defense. They focus on research and development in network/graph analytics, machine learning, anomaly detection, natural language processing, social media analysis, and behavior analysis of structured data (e.g., SIGINT, transactional data).


Their demo shows intelligent non-player agents in simulations for training of warfighters to make them more intelligent.


Pulselight is a SaaS company for healthcare analytics. Their solution provides insights for payment integrity, fraud waste and abuse, opioid utilization, and critical incidents.


Their demo shows example results for patients insights, predicting if they are likely to overdose from opioid use. It also shares prescriptions how to effectively intervene.


Alegion is a platform that integrates machine and human intelligence to scale data labeling and convert raw data into high-value, model-ready data.


They brought a sizzle reel that showcases different data labeling including audio, visual, text.

UC Berkeley

This was the soft launch for the “Lets Make it Count” initiative, which is a collaboration to forward data science literacy and education in the school systems. They leverage statistics and census to bring data to the curriculum.


They brought a collaborative exercise to get community input on what is important for data science education and literacy.


Hypergiant Industries is an artificial intelligence incubator, technology and services agency. They help major institutions innovate with machine intelligence-driven technology. They provide solutions, products, and investment to help customers solve tough challenges.


LinedanceAI’s engine translates any human movement or gesture to the meaning defined by the purpose of an application. The linedanceAI platform helps save developers’ time and effort on generating automatic recognition.


They brought a demo to track people’s movement in real time. It can recognize different movements and dances like the twist and gangnam style.

The demo event was a big success and I could not make it happen without the contributing companies, Capital Factory, and sponsors. We hope to make the event even bigger next year. For a full list of AI companies in Austin, check out this article.

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