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Preview the book "Introduction to Generative AI", written by our Principal MLE, Numa Dhamani

Numa Dhamani
Principal Machine Learning Engineer

Numa Dhamani, a Principal Machine Learning Engineer here at KUNGFU.AI has partnered with Manning Publications to write the actual book on Generative AI. This is important to us at KUNGFU.AI because it further proves how on the bleeding edge we are when it comes to new AI technologies. Numa and her co-author, Maggie Engler, write about what Generative AI is, what implications it has for the future of AI and how to deploy it ethically and responsibly. Check out more on the book below!

About the Book:

Introduction to Generative AI: An Ethical, Societal, and Legal Overview discusses generative AI models at a high level, with an emphasis on large language models (LLMs). The book illustrates how LLMs could live up to their potential while building awareness of the limitations of these models. It also discusses the broader economic, legal, and ethical issues that surround them, as well as recommendations for responsible development and use, and paths forward.

The book is written for anyone who has an interest in generative AI models. It aims to build an intuition into the technical pitfalls that are inherent to LLMs and discusses how generative AI models can exacerbate societal issues. These are sociotechnical challenges that require a whole-of-society response, and we hope that this book can make a diverse set of concepts accessible to a wide range of individuals.

Introduction to Generative AI is estimated to be published in fall 2023. You can pre-order the book here – use the code au35dha for 35% off!

About the Speaker:

Numa Dhamani is an engineer and researcher working at the intersection of technology and society. She is a natural language processing expert with domain expertise in influence operations, security, and privacy. She has developed machine learning systems for Fortune 500 companies and social media platforms, as well as for start-ups and nonprofits. Numa has advised companies and organizations, served as the Principal Investigator on the United States Department of Defense’s research programs, and contributed to multiple international peer-reviewed journals. She is also deeply engaged in technology policy, supporting think tanks and nonprofits with data and AI governance efforts.

Numa is the co-author of Introduction to Generative AI: An Ethical, Societal, and Legal Overview, to be published by Manning Publications in Fall 2023. Her work on combating online disinformation has been featured in several news media outlets, including the New York Times and the Washington Post.  Numa is passionate about working towards a healthier online ecosystem, building responsible artificial intelligence, and advocating for transparency and accountability in technology. She holds degrees in Physics and Chemistry from the University of Texas at Austin.

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