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Sanjeev Namjoshi, Senior Machine Learning Engineer

KUNGFU.AI Welcomes Sanjeev Namjoshi

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Dr. Sanjeev Namjoshi has joined the KUNGFU.AI team as a senior machine learning engineer. Sanjeev received his Ph.D. in neuroscience from the University of Texas at Austin where he performed extensive research in bioinformatics, biological process networks, antidepressant development, and the molecular basis of learning and memory. He has also completed two postdocs. His first postdoc was in computational neuroscience, while his second postdoc was at the intersection of precision medicine, computer vision, and healthcare in the hospital setting. Prior to KUNGFU.AI Sanjeev held positions as a data scientist at Yonder (formerly New Knowledge), Hypergiant, and Hookbang.

Sanjeev has a strong interest in Karl Friston’s “free energy principle”, a statistical model of the brain, self-organizing (living, social) systems, and artificial general intelligence. He is currently writing a textbook on the free energy principle and the associated theory of “active inference”, an alternative to reinforcement learning, and is committed to bringing greater visibility of these theories to the greater machine learning community.Welcome, Sanjeev!