Case Study: Realty Austin

Realty Austin needed to improve the available housing recommendations sent to its customers via email. Find out how KUNGFU.AI created the system that generated significantly improved email click-through rates.

Case Study: Moasis Time Series Predictor and Price Optimizer

Moasis needed a solution that could predict click-through rates (CTR) and optimize bids on any given ad. See how KUNGFU.AI approached this challenge.

Tanger Outlets

Case Study: Tanger Outlets Receipt Data Extraction

Tanger Outlets needed to extract data from 14 million pictures of customer receipts of varying design, size, length, and photographic quality. Find out KUNGFU.AI solved this challenge.

How-to Guide: Building Internal AI Capabilities

This how-to guide outlines the key steps companies should be taking to prepare for artificial intelligence, develop a strategic roadmap and ensure AI deployments are successful.

Using AI to Enhance Business Operations

How organizations can improve processes and capture value through enterprise cognitive computing.

Why You Need to Evel Knievel the AI Gap by 2024 Webinar

If companies aren’t investing in AI by 2024, they may have missed the jump. This webinar explores why 2024 is a key date in AI adoption and what to do between now and then with machine learning pioneer Paco Nathan, Futurist and Author Nancy Giordano and KUNGFU.AI’s Head of Growth, Steve Meier.

AI: A Key Driver of Value for SaaS Product Companies

For SaaS companies, leveraging AI as a product differentiator to capture market share and to scale rapid growth is no longer a nice to have – it is imperative. We are already seeing AI-First software companies outpace their competition and reshape their marketplaces, with a significant impact on valuations. Traditional SaaS companies now have a choice of embracing AI or risk being left behind.

The AI Ethical Imperative

The power and potential of AI is well-known and often brings up ethical questions about how to best deploy and leverage this powerful technology. Join us for a webinar with ethics experts to discuss the ethical imperative businesses face when using AI, how ethical considerations can boost or hurt company performance, and how to address the ethical decisions AI can bring.

How to Evaluate the ROI of AI

A recent study by MIT’s Sloan Management Review found that 70% of companies who have invested in AI have found minimal or no impact from AI so far. Yet we know the promise and potential of AI and we know companies can and have seen a return from it. So the question becomes: why do so many AI projects fail? And what can be done to set them up for a return on investment?

The Obstacles in Building Product AI – and How to Overcome Them

Building and deploying AI is a process unlike any other. It requires cross-organization collaboration and alignment, human-in-the-loop management, and realignment.

Unlocking Greater Business Intelligence with Graphs

The explosion of data produced by our digital world can be challenging to understand, quantify, and simplify. But many companies are just now becoming aware of the benefits of network graph analysis and graph data science. In this webinar, we’ll provide an introduction to graph data science as well as case studies in cybersecurity anomaly detection, social media misinformation, IT hardware and software optimization, customer intelligence, and knowledge graphs.